The Association of African American Cultural Gardens

The Association of African American Cultural Gardens is a tribute to the history, cultural, artistry, and enduring strength of people of African and American heritage throughout Greater Cleveland, the United Sates and the African Diaspora.

The specific purpose of this organization shall be to develop and preserve the African American Cultural Garden. We will promote education and encourage interest in the African American Culture and heritage by perpetuating a spirit of friendship among people of all nationalities. We will foster a spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood and world peace.


  • June 6th
    TBD Carter Woodson Parade
  • June 18th
    Executive Board
  • June 20th
    Office Opening
    (7905 Central)
  • June 27th
    Ward 5 Community Family Festival
  • JULY
  • July 26th
    Quincy Street Pinic
    Luke Eater Park
  • August 8th
    TBD Glenville Community Festival
  • August 22th
    TBD Hot Fun, Ward One
  • August 23th
    One World Day Festival
  • September 14
    TBD Executive Board Meeting
  • September 21th
    General Meeting
  • October 19th
    Executive Board Meeting
  • November 16th
    General Meeting
  • November 28th
    A Night for the African American Cultural Gardens
  • December
    TBD Kwanzaa Celebration