Sow a Seed

In these trying times, our cultural history is more relevant than ever. The completed garden will be a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Won’t you be a part of history and donate to the completion of the garden today? No amount is too small. Every cent moves us closer to our goal of completing and dedicating the garden in June 2020.

Just imagine experiencing the three pavilions; the Past Pavilion – walking through the door of no return at the top of the hill where our ancestors boarded ships unaware of what lie ahead. Begin walking down the stairs where you see the various routes the slave ships traveled etched on the walls of the garden path. Continue walking to the Present Pavilion – the black granite platform, more etchings, and water flowing – backwards, a reminder of our learning from our past and standing on the strong foundation that our ancestors created. Theirs are the shoulders on which we now stand. Then move on to the Future Pavilion – the fountain, a gift to our next generation, securing our future for decades to come. This is our strength. This is our history. Help us tell our story!

As we begin to fundraise for the completion of the garden, please “Sow A Seed” by donating today!